Shop for USB cables at prices that impress

Are you about to transfer some photos from your PC to your smartphone? Or do you need to charge your gadget to keep it up and running for a busy day ahead? No matter which case is yours, you can’t go without a mobile USB cable. Don’t settle for whatever comes to hand, though. To end up making good use of high data transfer speed, unmatched durability, and flawless charging performance, you better choose the sought-after connector at Hepsia. Not only do we know what you are looking for, but we offer you that at the lowest price.

Our catalog is brimming with reliable, albeit cheap USB cables of all types. They come from market-leading brands, like Baseus, that use advanced technologies to ensure the best experience of yours. Most importantly, the vast majority of the connectors at Hepsia are available for only a few dollars!

Which mobile USB cable to choose?

There are several USB cable types, each of which is supposed to be used for a different task or device. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right one:

  • Type A. It’s a standard connector for computer-related applications. If you are looking for a cable to connect a wired mouse or keyboard, this one will fit the bill.
  • Type B. Have you ever noticed that some connectors are square? This is how USB-B cables look like. Go for them to connect external hard drives, routers, printers, etc.
  • Type C. When it comes to charging a large device, like a laptop, or high-speed file transferring, C-connectors are without equal. Plus, they are reversible for easier plugging.
  • Micro USB. This type can be found at every USB cable store. It is standard for most of the modern gadgets and ensures the connection between flash drives and mobile devices, among others.
  • Type 3. Be sure to buy a USB cable 3.0 if you want to benefit from super-speed transfer. Type 3 connectors are also known for backward compatibility, which allows you to use them for earlier USB port versions.

When searching for USB cables online at Hepsia, use some filters on this page. You can sort connectors by best-selling items or prices. No matter whether you need it for your iPhone, Android-based smartphone, or any other device, you’ll find it here in a split second. You have our word!

What will you get when shopping at Hepsia?

In addition to extremely low costs of USB cables from world-leading brands, Hepsia provides every shopper with:

  • 45-day money-back guarantee if a cable arrives not as it is described in the catalog;
  • free shipping to any part of the globe;
  • guaranteed delivery within 60 days;
  • plenty of payment options, including UPS, QIWI Wallet, WebMoney, and major credit cards.

You no longer need to surf the web looking for trusted online stores. Hepsia is here to get your back. Buy USB cables from us and enjoy an abundance of high-speed options designed for many years of service life!
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